Another Coffee Poem

I sit, just me and my coffee mug.

I don’t have much to say,

to the owls on my mug, or to you.

But we keep each other company.


I really don’t have much to say,

although, there is so much I could say.

But at least I have company,

while I silently mock my mute tongue.


There is so much I should say,

not to the owls on my mug but to you.

I silently mock my bitter tongue, while

I sit, just me and my coffee mug.


Paper Prison

I think somewhereI lost myself on a sheet of

trapped, between the faint
blue lines
held straight by the pinkish red
along the side

sometimes, the ink
dries and scratches the paper
leaving scars
on the thin membrane
of my prison

I fly to the very edge
thinking myself free

but I just find myself again
on the reverse

a new torment unleashed
on the mind
a new battlefield
covered in slaughtered words

I fight the expanse
of white
in hopes of finding my end
on this paper


Note to Self

Be just as true
as true can be.
Don’t act so blue
when all you see
are people taking cue
from the busy bees.

It’s so much better,
living without fetters.


Truth or Dare?

I think we were meant
to play truth or dare like the
overgrown children
that we are. When the truth is,
darling, I dare not love you.


Oh, That Thing Called Meter

This thing called meter,
I do not understand.
I feel like a cheater,
Or that I should be canned,
Whenever I totter or teeter
On the meter as planned.
But at least I am trying
To stick with the rhyming.