Evening Ceremonies

Early hours of evening
Spent watching each tooth of the comb
Loosen and ease the tangled hairs
A nightly ceremony
A shame that morning will come
With newly tangled hair
And fresh shame

Trifecta’s weekend challenge is 33 words using the word “tooth,” but not in the usual losing a tooth context! I’m always up for a little critique!

NaPoWriMo, Trifecta

He Liked To See It Fall

She never could understand why
he was always throwing away
the hard-earned money they needed,
but he knew why he did it.

He was always throwing away,
the money she claimed they needed.
But he knew why he did it,
you see, he like to see it fall.

The money she claimed they needed
was never around for long.
You see, he liked to see it rain
from the balcony where they lived.

It was never around for long,
he always made sure of that.
From the balcony where they lived,
he saved every last dollar.

He always made sure that
the hard-earned money they needed
was saved. Every last dollar.
She never would understand why.

Forgot to make it “rain,” so¬† a little change to make things more Trifecta.